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Sanderson, John Louis XIV
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Récit par John Sanderson de son passage à Saint-Germain-en-Laye

« [p. 231] We now went two leagues and a half further to St. Germain, and walked upon its elegant Terrace. The [p. 232] Pretender is buried here, and several of the little Pretenders ; and in going along we looked at the Machine de Marli, which desires to be remembered to the Falls of Niagara. The water is climbing up an immense hill by dribbles to supply the little squirting Cupids at Versailles.
St. Germain was once the seat of the pleasures and magnificence of the Grand Monarch. He left it, because St. Denis, standing upon a high eastem eminence, overtopped his palace, a memento mori amidst the royal cups. Kings do not choose that these telltales of mortality shall look in at their windows. »

Sanderson, John